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What are the advantages of supercapacitors over batteries?
- 2019-08-14-

Capacitors believe that everyone has seen it, but may not know its name. In fact, it is similar to a battery. However, the form used does not require a battery. The battery can be taken out separately. Once used, it cannot be used again. The capacitor is similar. "Electrified container", which is widely used in the circuit of the straight, tuning loop and energy conversion, in fact, you can find out when you are using the tablet, mobile phone, where is the stored electricity? It is inside the capacitor, which is responsible for charging and discharging.

As technology advances, new capacitors have emerged, which we call supercapacitors.

The advantages of supercapacitors are reflected in instantaneous power, life and stability.

Power is the ability of the device to charge or discharge instantaneously. Applications that are well known, such as engine start-up and wireless transmission, utilize the discharge power of the battery. Therefore, the instantaneous discharge power of the battery is much more important than how much energy it can store. The instantaneous power of a supercapacitor is more than 10 times larger than that of a battery. Instantaneous power is critical for applications that require high stability.

The rechargeable battery has a full charge and discharge cycle life of less than 1000 cycles. The supercapacitor can continue to charge and discharge one million times. On the one hand, a battery-operated device requires multiple battery replacements, and battery maintenance costs are high. On the other hand, the life of supercapacitors used on hybrid buses far exceeds the life of the bus itself (15 years, millions of miles). Its nearly permanent service life and wide operating temperature range means reliability and stability in extreme use environments. In contrast, battery devices are very fragile. It requires continuous monitoring, circuit protection, and heat regulation during use to translate into high usage costs.