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Consumer Electronics
Due to its light weight, fast charging and long life, supercapacitors are widely used in daily civilian applications such as electric toys, mobile phones, cameras, radios, refrigerators, air conditioners, rear projection and LCD TVs, set-top boxes, etc.

Industrial electrical
Supercapacitors are characterized by high reliability and large energy storage capacity. They are also widely used in industrial electrical fields, such as tax control machines, controllers, UPS, touch screens, cameras, bank terminals, bus readers, identification, Copiers, printers, power tools, etc.

Green new energy
As an energy storage device, the supercapacitor has long life, no memory function, and is maintenance-free. It can be used independently for energy storage systems for wind power generation and solar power generation. It can also be used for power balance of wind power generation, and also for the transformer of wind power generators. Drive and receive converters. In solar lights (warning lights, sign lights, stud lights, buried lights), solar flashlights, etc. are also commonly used.

Power Systems
Due to its simple use and high energy efficiency, supercapacitors have been widely used in power systems, such as smart grid control, distributed energy storage, load regulation power supply, and power failure protection.

Super capacitors can provide instantaneous large currents, which can help in the start-up and climbing of high-speed rail, automobiles, construction machinery, etc., reduce the impact on the power grid or engine, and can also be used as an independent power source in green buses. Used in car audio, car trackers and other fields.

Military field
The supercapacitor has a simple structure and large instantaneous current. It has been used in the military field: launchers such as aircraft catapults, rockets, missiles, etc., and electromagnetic guns are widely used, which can quickly launch the carrier and effectively improve the combat effectiveness of the troops.