Module series

Module series

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The supercapacitor module is a new type of energy package that combines multiple supercapacitor units in series with a voltage equalization and discharge voltage stabilization system and an aluminum alloy casing. The birth of the super capacitor module compensates for the defects of energy storage devices such as lead-acid batteries.

In the segment of button supercapacitors, Slater is in the forefront of the industry in the country, the company has the ability

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The container module research and development center has gathered many well-known engineers in the industry, and also with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Suzhou Nansu has established a good combination of production, study and research to achieve strong alliance and win-win development.

At 3 o'clock on the afternoon of May 12, the leaders of the United States (Jiande) United Front Warfare and the leaders of the Science and Technology Bureau of the city, Mr. Rao, and other leaders visited the company. In the company's general manager Zhou Bingyou, the project minister Zou Xinyun visited the company's workshop and The product display cabinet has a detailed understanding of our company's supercapacitor series, and fully appreciates our company's production environment, production equipment and production concept.