Energy type horn series

Energy type horn series

Product Details

This cylindrical supercapacitor is designed with a suitable capacitor depending on the object used.

The power density level of this capacitor is much higher than that of the ordinary battery, and its own characteristic change is small, the discharge efficiency is high, it can be stably discharged and charged repeatedly, it is basically maintenance-free, and its own service life is long, and the power is green. Clean energy is now widely used.

1. Characteristics: Cylindrical shape structure, large capacity, low internal resistance, in line with ROHS lead-free requirements; fast charging/discharging. Provides instantaneous high current output

2, applications: industrial electrical appliances, power smart grid, consumer electronics, military, automotive start-up, car audio, solar energy, fast response UPS power, aerospace, transportation energy, new energy applications and other broad areas.

3. Standard product specifications and dimensions

model Rated voltage (V) Capacity (F) Maximum internal resistance (mΩ) (@1kHz)

24h leakage current



±0.5 (mm)



SRE2R5S107 2.5 100 20 260 22×45 10
SRE2R5S127 2.5 120 20 350 25×54 10
SRE2R5S157 2.5 150 20 500 25×54 10
SRE2R5S227 2.5 220 15 700 35×60 10
SRE2R5S367 2.5 360 15 1000 35×60 10
SER2R5S407 2.5 400 15 1000 35×60 10